Meet Jill

I am a San Diego native, growing up in Oceanside spending almost everyday at the beach with my family. I graduated high school with a year of work experience already under my belt. My main interest was hospitality and I loved the fast paced environment of the front desk at top rated hotels. Eventually I moved into the administrative assistant role in an office environment and quickly climbed the ranks to support the CEO with appointments, travel arrangements, office organization, and much of what I do now for my clients. Unfortunately the office politics drained the enjoyment from my job and I decided to take a chance and change my career path drastically. One of my main interests are animals, so I took a position as an adoption counselor at a local humane society. Throughout my five years of employment there, I had many job titles: front desk representative, assistant intake specialist, foster care supervisor, and would assist with veterinary intakes of new dogs and cats. Often times the work environment of a humane society can cause compassion fatigue, a serious condition that is often overlooked and not treated properly. I realized this career path was something I would rather keep as a hobby instead of a 9-5. At this point in my life I was very motivated to find the job where ¬†you “do what you love so it doesn’t feel like work.” I made a list of what I enjoy doing and naturally excel at. Turns out I was meant to be a personal assistant! I started my own business in the beginning of 2009 and honestly, I do love going to work everyday. So that is the short version of my journey so far, I would love to chat with you more about it during your free consultation!